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dreaming of sleep...

did you know that in the first year of a baby being born you can loose up to 750 hours of sleep as a parent?

During the night, you rbaby may wake every 1-2 hours wanting a feed or resettling, whilst daytme naps are usually short and unpredictable, taking place at any time.

The baby guru can help you with routine and sleep, supporting your family to thrive, not just survive.

responsive sleep coaching methods

My pathway to responsive sleep coaching methods works to give you and your baby a daily routine for peaceful, uninterrupted rest. I have used this technique successfully with my world-wide clients over the last 10 years. I help you identify your baby’s behaviour and understand the way that they cry and guide you on responding confidently.


Waiting for a routine to fall into place can seem like a never-ending game, making you physically exhausted from lack of decent sleep and resulting in the trial of many different methods to get your baby to snooze.

sleeping aids

From dummies and rocking to bed sharing and late night car rides – nothing seems too much to come by peaceful sleep.

sleep regression

I explain what sleep regression is and when to expect changes in the sleeping pattern of your little one.

how i can help

I offer 1-2-1 services, which are outlined in the pricing & packages section. There is also my responsive sleep coaching app which provides you with a self-settle timer and independent sleeping techniques. Your baby will be well on their way to a good night’s sleep in no time and so will you.

"Sam not only brought sleep back into our house, but also taught me to be a confident mother which helped me. All this in 24 hours - she's a miracle - you need her!

Murel from London

Mum of 2 boys

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