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pricing + packages

Using proven techniques and methods, Baby Guru Sam Offers several sleep coaching and behaviour packages from a video call , self-led course to a 1-2-1 written plan and support. Find the right package for you and your family.

basic support


help & support with your little one’s sleep, routine & feeding.

30 minute video call with Sam.

reassurance & your questions answered.

app top up


initial phone call with Sam.

help with sleep coaching whilst using the baby guru sleep app (additional £9.99)

2 weeks text support.

silver package


help & support with your little one's sleep, routine, feeding / weaning.

1-2-1 video consultation with Sam.

detailed step by step follow up plan giving you the confidence to move forward.

4 weeks follow up support via text/email or pre arranged calls.

gold package


help & support with your little one's sleep, routine, feeding / weaning.

1-2-1 video consultation with Sam.

detailed step by step follow up plan giving you the confidence to move forward.

a full years support so whenever things change you can contact Sam for help & reassurance.

self-led courses

Sam, a.k.a. The Baby Guru, offers several sleep or behaviour coaching packages from a phone or email consultation to spending the night with you and your little one. Find the right package for you.

home stay packages

If you require in person support, home stay packages are available upon request. Please contact me for enquiries or to request a quote.

how we can help

Baby Guru, Sam Saunders, has developed a Responsive Parenting System, whereby she can work with you in just about any aspect of parenting from newborns right up to  five year olds.  From sleep training, to weaning, Sam will discuss your needs and match you with the right package.

Sleep Training

The Baby Guru has developed Gentle & Responsive Sleep Coaching. Trusted, reliable & with support you learn to help your little one learn to self settle and get a peaceful nights sleep - life changing for you AND your baby

sleep coaching

giving you back peaceful nights. babies are never to young to learn how to sleep

Sam Saunders aka The Baby Guru

Passing one feed to your partner, or perhaps popping out would be nice, so you express and leave a bottle. Baby adamantly refuses to accept the bottle. This can be incredibly challenging and emotionally distressing for you. This is where we can help.

introducing a bottle

sam can help you to adjust your baby to take the bottle happily

Weaning and Nutrition

Just as you feel you’ve mastered regular milk feeding times and perhaps are gaining back some sleep, you have to start thinking about what can be the daunting weaning stage and all that comes with it. Weaning should be a fun, exploratory journey for both you and your baby and The Baby Guru will show you how this is possible.

weaning and nutrition

eating, drinking and beyond - helping to give you baby the healthiest start

Behaviour Coaching

Behavioural problems in young children are one of the most common parental stress triggers. Our experts work with you to find methods you are comfortable with to help you feel like you’re back in control and claim back your household and your life.

behaviour coaching

help and support with tantrums, tempers and rules - giving you back control

sam's promise

I will share my proven techniques and methods with you. I will send you an action plan for now and in the future as your baby grows. I can give you all my years of knowledge at the touch of a button. I will send you a routine personalised to your baby’s natural routine. I will answer any questions that you may have.

Sam Saunders aka The Baby Guru

what happens next?

1/    Make an enquiry

2/    Together we’ll choose the right package for you

3/    Complete a 48 hour diary

4/    Sam will put together a plan based on your requirements and diary

5/     Pre-arranged call or email to discuss the plan and answer any questions you may have

6/    Following your plan you will be left with the tools & confidence to work towards a more peaceful nights sleep for everyone

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