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weaning + nutrition

There are so many questions you are faced with from ‘do I go with purees?’ to ‘when do I start?’ – the truth is no two journeys are the same. In my experience the best approach is to respond directly to your baby’s stage of development and progression.

Sam Saunders aka The Baby Guru

be responsive

If they’re between 4-6 months and are showing signs of being ready to introduce solids, or you are advised from a health professional to do so, this is most likely the right time for you.


Weaning can be a very slow process and requires lots of patience, during your baby’s first year, milk will remain their main source of nutrition so it can sometimes seem like it’s taking forever. The main thing to remember is the need to explore different tastes and textures to find what you baby likes.

what are the signs they are ready?

1. Watching you eat and reaching for your food


2. Has head control and can sit when supported

3. Can open their mouth for a spoon or food


4. Put things into their mouth, chewing with regular mouth movements

how to start?

One small meal at a time, it’s a building block process which you need to approach slowly


Some babies need smooth textured purees from a spoon while others prefer finger foods from the start


Don’t begin when they are tired, hungry or unwell

personal and flexible weaning plans

In the past I have worked with babies and children who have many unique dietary requirements from allergies and intolerances to vegan and vegetarian families – all who require individual guidance and support in providing a healthy, balanced diet for their little one.

Personal and flexible weaning plans allow your baby to explore the wonderful world of solid food using only the products which are suitable for their specific diet.

If you would like a personalised weekly weaning plan for your baby complete with some simple recipe ideas and top tips, choosing a telephone or email consultation will provide you with all the knowledge you need – plus lots of regular support whilst you and your little one embark on your weaning journey.

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