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introducing a bottle

I can help your baby seamlessly adjust from breast to bottle with a tailored transition plan to ease the stress of feeding time.

sam's 3 top tips


Introduce a bottle when your baby is between 2-6 weeks old.


Mix expressed milk and formula together if they don't like the taste of formula. Slowing increasing the formula if you wish to.


The late evening feed is a great time for someone else to give a bottle, so that mum can get to bed early.

Introducing A Bottle

how i can help

Having worked with many mums who have already made the successful switch, I can help you to implement routine to wean your baby off your breast milk or begin combination feeding.

If you would like to receive a full plan and all my top tips plus email support then please choose a video consultation or if you feel you need in-home support from myself then please get in touch.

client feedback

"I can’t thank Sam enough for her support and advice. We were struggling to get our 6 month old exclusively breast fed baby to accept a bottle. We were exhausted with the process thinking we had tried everything and I was worried it might never happen! I contacted Sam and she immediately put me at ease that we could get our little one to happily take a bottle in just a day or 2.


We started Sam’s programme and by lunch time of day one our little girl was sweetly drinking from a bottle and by day 2 taking bottle feeds from me. Sam was so supportive and practically at our beck and call all weekend! I found there is very little (practically zero) support for parents needing to switch from breast to bottle, Sam’s knowledge, support and guidance has been priceless for us."


Rachel Savery Facebook 5* Review

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