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Tips For A Good Night's Sleep on Holiday with Little Ones

Girl splashing in the sea wearing armbands

It’s great we can get away now and have some holiday time. When travelling with little ones, settling at bedtime and night wakings can be tricky. Here are some of my top tips…

–  Travel blackout blinds – these are great for the lighter evenings and the early morning sunrise.

– White noise – even if you don’t use it at home, it’s great for blocking out unusual noises that your little one might not be used to & if staying in a caravan it’s great for the evenings when watching tv or when the seagulls decide your van is the one to sing ‪from at 5am‬!

– If bedtime is taking forever then start the routine early so by the time they eventually go to sleep they are not overtired.

– Get them used to their travel cot by having some playtime in there, with a few of their favourite toys.

– It’s likely they will need some reassurance, especially on the first night away. If they get upset, keep reassuring with cuddles or some shush and pat, or sit their quietly until they settle.

– Remember, the most important thing is you enjoy your time away, so if things slip don’t worry, your routine will fall back into place once you’re home.

Hope you find these tips helpful!

Sam aka The Baby Guru

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