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The Importance of Sleep for Little Ones: A Guide for Parents

Why is sleep important? As adults it’s quite simple, a good nights sleep allows our bodies and minds time to rest and recharge, ready for the next day. However for babies and children it is a bit more complex than that. There is so much that goes on in our little one’s brains and bodies while they sleep – it helps them learn, grow and develop.

Why is it important for little ones to settle to sleep quickly, calmly and have enough sleep?

  • While little ones sleep their brain rests and restores from their busy day 

  • Their memory develops during sleep 

  • Their social & behaviour skills mature 

  • When learning to talk, they start to integrate all they have heard, storing how it sounds and what it means when sleeping 

  • They process all that’s gone on during the day 

  • They grow at night! the growth hormone is most active during non rem sleep 

  • Sleep helps fight infection 

  • Improves their attention span 

When overtired little ones can 

  • Struggle to solve problems 

  • Retain new information 

  • They can get frustrated, leading to increased temper tantrums

  • They are unable to process all that’s gone on during the day

  • Struggle to go to sleep let alone stay asleep 

  • They can become stressed and then struggle to be relaxed and calm

  • It can become fussy 

  • Often struggle to feed & eat 

Having battles at nap and bedtimes can lead to disturbed sleep, with frequent waking, early waking and a tired, grumpy baby let alone a tried grumpy mummy & daddy!


How can you help your baby or child get all the sleep they need? 

  • Have a regular nap & bedtime routine 

  • Having a warm bath before bedtime helps with settling to sleep 

  • Avoid screen time or electronics at least an hour before bedtime 

  • They are able to self-settle 

  • The appropriate naps for their age 

  • An early enough bedtime


If you need help with your little one’s sleep or routine, please get in touch and I would be happy to help.

Sam, aka The Baby Guru


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