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Summer Survival: How to Keep Little Ones Cool and Comfortable for Better Sleep

Baby lying in a rubber ring with sunglasses on

It can be tricky for us to settle to sleep during hot bedtimes so here are my top tips to help you, help your little one stay cool and settle to sleep during the hotter weather.

Here are Sam’s Top Tips:

– Keeping the room as cool as possible all day by keeping the curtains or blinds closed and top opening windows open throughout the house during the day can help. Never leaving windows open that are accessible to children.

– Having a fan on low facing away from the cot and  always out of  their reach

– A 1-1.5 tog sleeping bag with a short sleeved vest or just a short sleeved vest, having their feet exposed often help keep them cool.

– A cooler more tepid bath rather than the normal warm bedtime bath.

– Breastfed babies often need more frequent feeds during the hotter weather and bottle fed babies a little cooled boiled water between their regular feeds.

– Babies weaning and toddlers love a homemade fruit lolly or cool natural Greek yogurt for pudding

– Having their cup of water,  a straw cup or sports style bottle of water to hand all day for them to have frequent sips in the day.

– Settling for sleep may take longer so staying patient and giving extra reassurance maybe necessary.

– If nap times are also a struggle having a longer wind down time in their or your cooler bedroom.

– Having some paddling pool time if possible and if not an extra bath during the can be fun , never leaving little ones unattended when playing with water.

– Keeping them in the shade at all times when outside with a hat and appropriate children’s suncream correctly applied.

Keep cool x

Sam aka The Baby Guru

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