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Sleep Regression: Your Questions Answered

I recently spoke to a group of parents and their little ones all about sleep regressions. Why they happen, when they happen and what we can do to cope with them, sharing my top tips on helping get back that all important sleep. The talk was held at the beautiful Baby Mori store in London and of course no visit would be complete without a little gift or two for the grandchildren! They really do have the most irresistible clothing and sleepwear for little ones.

So here are a few questions I was asked during the Q&A session…

Question: Do all babies go through sleep regressions and always at the same age?

No not all babies go through all the sleep regressions. It is normal for them to have some sleep disturbance at some time and often it’s due to development leaps – rolling, crawling, standing & language development. Depending on when this happens for them, their sleep may be impacted at different ages.

Question: Will teaching my little one to self settle help with sleep regressions?

Yes. Being able to get themselves off to sleep themselves without being rocked, fed or using a dummy, will help them through the regression stages. The important thing is to stay consistent with their nap & bedtime routine so that once things have settled down again you’re not left having to feed, rock, co sleep with them, unless you want to of course.

Question: How long do sleep regressions last?

Firstly, every baby is different, that’s important to remember. The first sleep regression often happens at around 4 months and can last a couple of months as it’s due to so many factors. The other two (around 8-10 months and 18-20 months) often pass quicker and it may only be a few weeks before things settle down again.

I have written a blog all about sleep regressions and my top tips for the different age ranges. You can read it HERE.

If you are battling a sleep regression and would like some help, get in touch 🙂

Sam, The Baby Guru


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