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Common Health Visitor Questions Answered for New Parents

As well as helping families at The Baby Guru, I also work 3 days a week as part of the NHS Health Visitor Team. So I thought I would share some of the most commonly asked questions, along with my answers and some helpful resources.

My 3-6 month old is struggling to sleep and picking up night feeds that once dropped. Help!

It’s normal for little ones of around this age to often need support with taking naps, they are often short but regular – around 4 naps a day is common. They were maybe doing longer stretches at night but have now started picking up night feeds, this again is normal especially if breastfeeding.

We have just got to grips with sleep and routine and now it’s time so start weaning – where do we begin?

Each little one is individual but the guidance is to begin offering solid foods from 6 months. When starting to wean little one’s digestive systems can often struggle with constipation, pooing in the night or flare ups in reflux. So, taking weaning slowly and seeing what your baby can manage is important. I have written a blog all about introducing their first foods and how to approach this. Once your baby is enjoying 3 little meals a day your routine may change slightly from what it has been. Read more about how the routine changes.

My weaning guide is downloadable and comes with 2 weeks support to help get you started on your weaning journey and costs just £45. 

There is also a great website called First Steps Nutrition with lots of great information on weaning, portion sizes and fussy eating.

My little one of 10 months + is waking frequently at night. Weaning is going well but they are still waking for regular night feeds. 

Sometimes their day routine or naps and gaps need tweaking or often how they settle to sleep. I have written a blog all about self settling and how this plays a role in their sleep. I offer really affordable video calls for just £20 to help go through your routine and answer your questions.

How do I know my little one is ready for potty training and where do I start?

I have written a blog with all my top tips for potty training to help get you started. Patience is key!

Sam aka The Baby Guru

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Sam aka The Baby Guru


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