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How to Establish a New Nap Routine and Remove the Dummy: A Parent's Guide

Baby lying on a changing mat

I recently helped a family with a new nap routine for their little one and removing the dummy. Little one is 9 months and was waking repeatedly in the night and needing her dummy to resettle. She was grumpy all day because she was overtired (as was mum!) and her concentration playing with her toys wasn’t for very long at all. She was also only having short naps and mum was having to walk hours each day to get her to sleep.

Day 1

The first evening when we put her down she took 15 minutes to go to sleep without her dummy. She had a little moan but no more than that. Then she woke twice in the night and both times settled herself back to sleep. She had 2 naps in her cot the next day both of which she woke after 30 minutes but she settled herself back to sleep again (the second one we had to wake her!)

Day 2

The second night she settled to sleep within 10 minutes. She didn’t wake at all that night and woke up super happy in the morning with the most beautiful smile after a solid 12 hour sleep!

Just tweaking a few things has made all the difference and sometimes just having some support and guidance is all you need. Mum and baby are both much more rested now, and much happier.

If you or anyone you know would like some support, drop me an email & I would be happy to help.

Sam, The Baby Guru

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