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How to Adjust Your Little One's Routine Ahead of the Spring Clock Change

Spring clock change

With the spring clock change this weekend, your little ones sleep pattern may be affected. Luckily it’s not generally as disruptive as the Autumn clock change.

Here are some Top Tips…

  1. Saturday morning, wake them up a little earlier e.g 15-20 minutes before they would normally wake

  2. Adjust feed & meal times to the earlier time too.

  3. Bring forward their day naps and bedtime, again by 15-20 minutes (wake them from their nap if still sleeping).

  4. Sunday morning wake your little one at normal time and follow your usual routine (keeping an eye on their sleep cues)

  5. It can take a couple of days to adjust. If you are finding they are waking early or struggling to go down at bedtime due to the lighter evenings and mornings, it’s a good idea to invest in some blackout blinds.

Good luck!

Sam, The Baby Guru

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