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How Can You Use Responsive & Gentle Sleep Coaching Methods for Your Baby?

There are many methods of helping little ones learn to fall asleep independently, drop night feeds when appropriate, reduce night wakings and work towards longer, regular naps. The approach you take will all depend on a number of factors… your little ones personality, your style of parenting, how they have been going to sleep up until now and how old they are

The Baby Guru uses two key methods…

Cuddle, Calm, Continue (under 6 months)

Respond, Reassure, Repeat (over 6 months)

These tried and tested methods both involve listening and responding when your baby needs you. Every baby is different and there is no one size fits all when it comes to teaching your little one to fall asleep independently, so sometimes a gradual retreat method is more suitable.

The Baby Guru Sleep Coaching App is available on IOS and includes Sam explaining both her methods in full, which you can listen back to any time you need.


Gradual Retreat Sleep Coaching

When working with families I will normally recommend at least two methods of sleep coaching in my plans so that you have all the information you need and can consider the different approaches.

The gradual retreat programme is a simple to follow, step by step guide and is most importantly, bespoke to every baby. For example if you are rocking your little one to sleep, where you start would be different to if you were feeding them to sleep. Maybe you are co-sleeping and are ready to change this, so the advice I offer would be mindful of this with a method that involves staying with your baby at all times, holding their hand for the first few stages, and gradually you start to retreat from their room. The method can take anything from 2 weeks upwards dependant on how slow you want to take it but also your little ones reaction. Telephone consultation packages come with an initial phone call, follow up plan and 4 weeks support via text/email or pre arranged calls

If you would like to help your little one to fall asleep independently and need some advice on which approach is right for you, please get in touch by emailing

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