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How Can Parents Help Little Ones Express Their Emotions?

Children expressing emotions

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week and the theme is ‘Express Yourself’

We all feel strong emotions – frustration, anger, fear. As adults can analyse these feelings, give them a name and describe them. Children struggle with this and so helping them understand why they feel a certain way, what this feeling is called and how to deal with it is so important.

A few years ago I helped a family with their little girls behaviour and together we created an emotions board. It’s a great activity for little ones and gives the opportunity to talk about feelings. Giving them a name is often something that children struggle with.

different emotions

Some simple faces with different expressions helps give a visual representation of each emotion. Acting them out, describing how they may feel, why they may feel that way but most importantly how to cope with that feeling. Giving feelings their names helps little ones tell you how they are feeling but also you can ask them by pointing to the faces and saying “show me how you are feeling”

It takes time and practice to manage our emotions. Children will experience many feelings but with your support and understanding, they learn how process them. Try and stay patient, remember they are only little and in this crazy world as it is right at this moment may need extra time and cuddles to manage them.

If you would like further help with your little ones behaviour, I am always happy to listen, find strategies with you to help manage tricky situations and give reassurance.

Sam aka The Baby Guru


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