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How to Reestablish Healthy Sleep Habits After Being Unwell

“My baby has been poorly and now they’re feeling better we’re struggling to get sleep back on track”


This is such a common question, especially around this time of year! I am often asked by clients what to do when they hit struggles with sleep after their little one has recovered.


Understandably when your baby is poorly with colds and bugs they will need extra support for sleep. Your little one may have been sleeping well prior to being unwell and understandably it all went out the window while they were ill and you needed to rock, feed or co- sleep for a while.


If you had started some sleep coaching and they became unwell then you may have needed to press the pause button. Once they are well again then getting back on track is the key but can feel daunting.


Sam’s Top Tips 


– Once they are well again you may need to look their routine of naps & gaps – this may need to change. Looking at their age and the amount of sleep they should be having during the day can have an impact on the nights.


– You may have already used some sleep coaching previously but as they are older the approach may need adapting. It is also about what you are comfortable with. A gradual retreat method may be more appropriate to help them settle to sleep independently.


– For those who have my years support package, you can always come back to me for a chat and some support & reassurance whenever needed.


– I also offer £25 video calls, bookable on the website which would give you 30 mins of my time to go over your current routine and pick my brains for all my tips & tricks, to help all get some more sleep.


If you need any help with your little ones sleep or routine, please get in touch I would be delighted to help & support you.

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