Are you  struggling  with settling your little ones in the evening? or have a screaming , unsettled  baby in the bath every night for what is supposed to be a relaxing start to bedtime ?

Here are a couple of tips that may help :

Split feeding : Giving a split feed over bath/bedtime can really help with settling . Both breast and bottle fed babies can benefit from this as early as 6 weeks old . If they are struggling with bath time then giving a small feed beforehand can help them relax and stay calm , so and you can both enjoy their bath time. Then follow on with the rest of the feed before settling them down in their basket or cot.

Cluster feeding : Breastfed babies often cluster feed , In the first few weeks of breastfeeding it is normal for babies to want to feed on and off for a good few hours at a time . They are unsettled & fractious  , the only thing that keeps them calm is feeding . This is often from early evening and is an important part of establishing a good milk supply , mother nature can be cruel sometimes . So just go with the flow , set yourself up with snacks and drinks and a good book or film .

Introducing an evening bottle :Introducing a bottle after the bath can help with babies who cluster feed in the early evening . So From around 6 weeks old, you could offer a  breastfeed before your bath time routine as in split feeding mentioned above  ,  then  introduce a bottle of expressed milk after . This is a good age to start , as I find if you leave it much longer than 6 weeks then babies often will not take a bottle  . I would suggest expressing  milk  earlier in the day, after a morning breastfeed .This should help reduce or even stop the cluster feeding in the evening .



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