Its been a busy week here at the babyguru. We have been helping parents and their babies with routine building and getting nap times right . Using different Sleep training techniques to get a better nights sleep for mum , dad and baby and reducing night feeds.

Sometimes it only takes a few tweaks and the baby responds quickly and without any fuss. It may take a spell of commitment for a week or so whilst you implement the changes and have confidence in the new routine .

We have worked this week with 4/5/8/and 11 months olds , all requiring different approaches and techniques. They have all responded really well and yet again have been asked can we stay forever .

Over the next few weeks

We will share what was going on before we arrived and what changes were made to help all the different sleep issues.

Sam saunders is always available to chat to parents about their situations and how she maybe able to help with their anxieties , sleep deprivation, feeding problems and routine building with their babies .

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We offer telephone consultations , over night home visits or long stay visist both here in London the Uk and abroad