Thought I would give an update on Josh aged 2 years , who Thebabyguru helped recently with sleep training . If you remember Josh had never slept through the night and still wanted a bottle to go back to sleep . Within just 2 nights he was able to self settling in the night at his wake ups .

I am delighted to say that I have just received a lovely text from his mum saying that he only wakes maybe once a night now and self settles. That even if he does wake around 5 am will settle himself back in his bed with no fuss until 6.30 am .

In mums words “It seems that now he is getting sleep , he wants more of it – finally ” The saying sleep breeds sleep really is true .

Thebabyguru can help you with self settling techniques

If your little one is struggling with night time wake ups and finding it difficult to self settle, a few nights sleep training with a method tailored to you and your little one is not far away.


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