I had a call today , the little boy in question is 9 months old and is a poor eater . He  was always messing around at meal times . Throwing his food on the floor and refusing to open his mouth . My initial questions were  how much milk is he having from his bottles and what are they doing to get him to eat ?

He was having large amounts of milk from his bottles and other forms of dairy in his diet . I suggested cutting back on his milk volume ,keeping within the guidelines of 500 ml and this  should help with his appetite at meal times .

The only way he would eat was with distraction from entertainment on a screen . This is an easy position to get into , me included with the grandchildren .   They didn’t want this so they were going to go without and wanted the reassurance that he would still eat if they turned it off

Generally  babies and children feed and eat much better if interacting with other adults or children at meal times rather than watching a screen . You could try having nursery rhymes or music playing without the pictures as a start and then reduce the volume down and then off


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