Job remit:

Mum : Amy

Baby : Sebastian 6 ½ months 

  • Baby is breastfed and will not take a bottle 
  • Has a dummy 
  • Wakes frequently in the night for dummy and feeds usually resulting in being in parents bed from 2 am until morning
  • Has started solids both purees and finger foods

Mum would like to switch to bottle feeding and get Sebastian to self settle and wake less frequently in the night but is not expecting him to sleep through.

I arrived at 8 am. Sebastian had had his last breastfeed at 5 am that morning and normally would have had another breastfeed by now but I had asked Amy to hold out until I got there so he would be hungry. Amy was of course anxious and emotional about the process ahead as she was going to stop feeding, but was returning to work in a couple of months and didn’t want the last weeks at home worrying about Sebastian’s feeding when she was not there. She was also exhausted from the disturbed nights.

I had asked Amy to express over the last couple of days so had a small stock of milk to be getting on with. After a cuppa and lots of reassurance that Sebastian was going to be okay and that he wouldn’t go hungry, Amy went of to express again while I offered him a bottle. Sebastian was understandably upset and didn’t want the bottle but with the distraction of toys, books and my out of tune singing he managed to take a 50ml bottle. Nap time was due but I always start sleep training at bedtime so a walk it was and this gave Amy and I time to chat over a routine for the future and for me to explain that I would be around via email for support whenever she needed it.

2 hrs had passed so we went for feeding again. Amy offered him his normal chicken casserole puree, which he loved and enjoyed far more than usual. Delighted, Amy retreated for expressing and Sebastian managed to take 100mls out of a bottle with much less fuss and tears.

Nap time again and I took him for a walk while Amy had a rest. The afternoon feed was due and I suggested that Amy stayed in her room while I gave Sebastian his bottle this time. With a little rock and cuddle Sebastian took another 100mls much to Amy’s relief.

Another nap of 45 mins.

Dinner time arrived and Sebastian ate a good tea with 50mls from the bottle.

Bedtime routine came and I offered Sebastian a small feed before bath time and he took 100mls happily this time with no fuss at all. We finished the bath and Amy did her normal quiet, gentle baby massage and then Sebastian’s daddy Ben came in and asked if he could do the bottle. I stayed within distance but out of sight of Sebastian, and Ben gave him his first ever bottle of 150ml. Both Ben and Amy were delighted.

Sebastian’s sleeping bag was put on and he was put down in his cot relaxed but awake and with no dummy. Understandably both mum and dad were anxious about how long it would take for him to settle, and I reassured them that we would be listening all the time and go in when he needed us. Sebastian cried and after a short period I sent Amy in he quietened and Amy came out. Sebastian had another cry for a short time and then all went quiet. We could see on the camera that he was asleep!

This was such a relief to Amy and after a few tears of joy and a cuddle from Ben we went down for dinner. Sebastian woke around 10.30 pm and moaned for just a few mins and before I had finished making a bottle he was back asleep. At 2 am he woke again and took a full 180 bottle then settled straight back down. He woke at 6.30 am and happily took 180mls from Ben.

The day continued with a good breakfast for Sebastian and then down for a nap. He cried for 10 mins and then went to sleep for 45 mins.

Lunch was only small today and Amy was worried he would be hungry but he then happily took a full bottle form Amy. She was delighted and relieved. The second nap took around the same time to settle as earlier and Amy was feeling more and more confident with the process.

The afternoon bottle was great and Sebastian took a full bottle from Amy. Another nap in the buggy as we walked and chatted grabbing a coffee on route.

Ben came home and did the bath & bed routine giving Sebastian his feeds and massage. Sebastian went down and didn’t make any fuss he slept all night without waking once.

Happy Mummy, Daddy & Baby.