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The anxiety and stress of parenting can suck all the enjoyment out of what is a fleeting and precious moment. The pressure to ‘get everything right’ can cause uncertainty, and the lack of sleep can make you question everything you do.

The Baby Guru has developed a Responsive Parenting System, whereby we work with you to help guide you through this period and get you back to enjoying your baby. We can assist you in just about any aspect of troubling parenting from newborns right through to five year olds. From sleep training, breast to bottle and removing a dummy, right up to behavioural problems for older children, we will discuss your needs, and match you with the right Baby Guru expert who will then offer guidance and reassurance whilst we work with you to solve the problem. We don’t just disappear once the problem is ‘fixed’ because we know that babies and children don’t always stick rigidly to routines and you might need assurance in the future, so our packages all include follow up time where you can ask as many questions as you want, and receive as much guidance as you need to remain confident that you ARE doing a fantastic job.

Gentle Reassurance

Giving you back the confidence that you do know what you’re doing

One, Two, Three…

Whether you’re finding your feet with one baby, twins or multiple births our team has loads of experience and can offer all the support you need

Worldwide bespoke packages

We tailor bespoke packages to assist you in troubleshooting any parenting problems, and travel to where you are, anywhere in the world to execute these

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"Sam came to stay for 4 nights when my baby was 8 weeks old – he cried every time I put him down, and fed constantly. From the first night she had him sleeping in the moses basket, and by day 2 he was following a routine. She gave me the confidence to respond to him appropriately – distinguishing between when he was hungry / tired or simply irritable. She was easy to talk to, helpful and very supportive – she made me feel capable and self-reliant and has continued to offer support since she stayed with us. I feel like I’ve got my life back"

What we do

Sleep training

Sleep training

Giving you back peaceful nights
Breast to Bottle

Breast to Bottle

Helping baby to take the bottle happily
Weaning & Nutrition

Weaning & Nutrition

Eating, drinking and beyond - helping to give your baby the healthiest start
Behavioural coaching

Behavioural coaching

Support coping with tantrums, tempers and rules

"Sam stayed for 3 nights to help with my 10 month olds constant night wakings. He quickly learnt with her help to self settle and re-settle if he woke. I now have to wake him up from day naps, and he’s been sleeping through the night since the second night she stayed with us. Sam is kind, friendly and extremely experienced and professional – I had total confidence in her methods and abilities and she gave me the tools to understand how to keep my son in his new routine if illness or travel disrupted it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her."

The team

Sam Saunders

Sam Saunders

The Baby Guru Founder
The rest of the team

The rest of the team

Full qualified professionals

"My 8 month old daughter was waking up to 6 times a night, my nerves were shredded and I kept hoping things would suddenly improve – they didn’t. My morale was low and I was struggling to cope through lack of sleep. Sam arrived like Mary Poppins – supportive, confident, understanding, sensitive and completely experienced she gave me the confidence to deal with the situation – for which I will be eternally grateful! It took a week, and then my daughter was sleeping 10 – 12 hours a night uninterrupted and I reclaimed my life and sanity! I wish I had called sooner. You can’t put a price on rest and a balanced mind."


Sleep Training Packages

Phone / Skype consultation


At any time convenient to you.

baby sleep training guru prices london

1 night rescue package


6pm – 7am (One bedtime)

baby sleep training guru prices london

Day & night rescue package


6pm-8pm (Two bedtimes)

baby sleep training guru prices london

Medium sleep package


2 whole nights & 1 full day

baby sleep training guru prices london

Largest sleeppackage


3 whole nights & 2 full days

baby sleep training guru prices london

All sleep packages come with 6 weeks backup.
Additional charges may occur if over 20 miles from the Baby Guru base

Other Consultations

Nutrition & Weaning

For babies aged 4 months +


Initial 1/2 hr Skype or telephone call

2 X 1/2 hr Skype / phone consultations.

A full detailed weaning plan emailed.

Email support while package is ongoing

baby sleep training guru prices london

Sleep shaping consultation

Any age baby


4 X 1/2 Hr Skype / phone consultations over four month period

Email support while package is ongoing

baby sleep training guru prices london

Behavioural coaching

Any age baby/ child


Initial telephone call

Full plan put together, and discussed on phone

Full plan emailed

Text and Email support for 6 weeks

baby sleep training guru prices london

"Hiring Sam to get our 5 month old to sleep through has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. Our daughter woke constantly looking for comfort and I was so sleep deprived during the day I could barely function. I was very anxious about leaving our daughter to cry but Sam was incredibly supportive , making me feel completely at ease and teaching me all I needed to know to feel confident enough to continue to follow the routine on my own. Every day since our little girl has slept 11 – 12 hours a night and if she does wake, I will know how and when to respond with confidence. "

Download guides

Sometimes a little bit of guidance and a few friendly words is all you need to get you back on the path and focused on achieving what you want in whichever parenting battle you’re currently in. These guides are designed to give you some guidelines and ideas to hopefully get you started down the path you want. From what to take to the hospital when you go to give birth, through to those first few tentative days with a new baby, and into the beginning stages of weaning – so many questions arise, when should you be feeding? What do all the hiccups mean? Should you offer more food? These guides should help to answer those questions and give a bit of reassurance during phases which can be overwhelming.

"I knew we needed help when my then 5 month old was waking every 1 – 2 hours in the night and I was so exhausted I couldn’t see straight. Despite this I was very apprehensive about having someone else in our house and feeling judged. I couldn’t have been more misguided – from the first moment Sam put me at ease, working with us without being at all pushy, discussing and explaining every step of her approach. I trusted her completely and by night 2 our son slept 10 hours straight! Since Sam left we have had challenges due to teething and illness and Sam has continued to provide support to help us successfully navigate these on our own – our son rarely wakes in the night and if he does I feel totally able to cope with it."



Sam and her team run a series of workshops in all areas of their expertise, which can help give you some new ideas if you feel stuck in any aspect of your parenting. They are also a good opportunity to meet other parents in similar circumstances to yours and help you to see that as a parent you are part of a huge community who support and aid each other throughout all the stages of parenthood. The workshops run regularly, please contact us for information on when they are and topics.


If you work with babies already and would like to learn some new skills, or simply would like to begin working with babies we offer training in all our areas of expertise. You will have the opportunity to learn how we work with parents to achieve the best possible outcome for them and their babies, how we empower them with the tools to ensure that they can cope moving forward and how to leave happy homes.


We run one off seminars for industry professionals who would like to pick up some new tips or feel a bit disillusioned with their current role and would like to expand their horizons. You will also have the opportunity to meet other industry professionals and swap ideas and contacts. These run regularly, please contact us for more information.

"My 7 month old daughter suffered from colic and a dairy allergy, she woke constantly at night and wouldn’t nap during the day. I became anxious and stressed due to lack of sleep and I knew I couldn’t continue like that. I felt completely comfortable around Sam, it wasn’t at all distressing leaving our daughter to cry as Sam gave us the confidence to understand what was happening and what she needed. Our daughter now settles herself and sleeps through the night, thanks to Sam she’s also in a fantastic daytime routine and naps in her cot beautifully. I feel calm and in control – something I could only dream of before! Calling Sam was the best decision I could have made and I’d recommend her to anyone."


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"As my daughter approached 4 months I realised that rather than enjoying it I was worrying about how to get her to take the bottle and improve her sleep. I was anxious and stressed and it was impacting every aspect of my life. Sam arrived and immediately put me at ease. By the end of the day my daughter was drinking out of a bottle and 5 days later she slept through the night for the first time. I was embarrassed I couldn’t achieve these things on my own but Sam helped me to understand that I wasn’t doing anything wrong and taught me the tools I needed to cope with any situation on my own, and gave me the confidence to use them. I can’t recommend her enough."

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